What's On

January 2018

January 7th - CLOSED
January 14th - 7:00PMSpeaker & Medium: Elizabeth Pretty and Gwen Read
January 21st - 7:00PMTBA
January 28th - 7:00PMTBA

All meetings followed by Spiritualist Healing and refreshments

February 2018

February - 7:00PM Speaker & Medium: TBA
February - 7:00PMSpeaker & Medium: TBA
February - 7:00PMSpeaker & Medium: TBA
February - 7:00PMSpeaker & Medium: TBA

All meetings followed by Spiritualist Healing and refreshments

Special Events

Tuesday, January 24th - 7:00PM‘A special presentation on Spiritualism’s famous pioneer, Arthur Findlay, Angela, Merilyn and Bev-joy' - Attend this meeting and on arrival collect your free ticket to go into a draw for a copy of Arthur Findlay’s Famous book, ‘On the Edge of the Etheric’.

Groups for Mastery Of Mediumship

Groups for development of Mediumship are conducted by Master International English Teaching Medium Ken Pretty and are held under the auspices of the 'Oasis of Psychic, Mediumistic, Healing & Spiritual Self-Awareness'. Enquiries should be made directly to the Principal, Ken Pretty, in person on Sundays at Alliance meetings or by email.

Students are taught to move their psychic abilities (inherent in all humankind) into mediumistic knowledge, the objective being to prepare them for working with Spirit on Spiritualist platforms. These groups are principally focused on the mental talents of 'the three C's', i.e. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and or Clairsentience.

Tuition is also available when, or if there is an indication of any of the physical mediumship talents.

N.B. We also have an incredibly extensive library, with books, audiotapes, cd's, and dvd's.

Publications for Sale

Two Worlds

Founded in 1887 by famous Victorian medium Emma Hardinge Britten, ‘Two Worlds’ is Spiritualism’s 76-page independent monthly magazine. Available direct from UK via airmail or on-line. Visit their website where there are two free copies to read www.twoworldsmag.co.uk A convenient A5 size, ‘Two Worlds’ is devoted to Spiritualism, and contains articles covering the many and varied aspects of this vast subject.

The Spiritualist Communicator

A bi-monthly 20pp A5 size journal contains Alliance and overseas news, plus articles from a range of contributors, etc. It is issued free to members, but is also available to non-members at $1.50 plus p.p. or purchased at the Alliance or by annual subscription at $21.00pp.

Psychic World

A monthly 26pp, A3 size, newspaper published in UK. It is an independent Spiritualist newspaper, supplied to us in bulk, and contains up-to-date overseas news, views, and articles by international columnists from all over the world, including NZ's Ken Pretty. Psychic World is best available on subscription from the Alliance for $25 (6 mths) or $50.00 (12 months). Single price at Alliance meetings $2.50 each.

Psychic News

A fortnightly, glossy 26 page, A4 size newspaper published by Psychic Press, UK. Available on subscription only direct from UK. Email to subscription@psychicnews.org.uk or telephone (0044) 1279 874341.