About Us

The Alliance

The Alliance is part of a world-wide network of independent Spiritualist churches, organisations and centres all dedicated to the promotion of Spiritualism in many diverse ways. Common to all, though, is the knowledge and awareness that all life continues on after physical death.

We recognise the universal awareness of humankind’s inter-connectedness and collective responsibility of the sacredness of all life on Planet Earth. Accordingly, Spirit philosophy reveals the need for humanity to make full use of earth life experiences to unfold the spiritual qualities that will help to enhance the quality of life here and, in so doing, prepare the way for future life in Spirit which is a natural outcome for all.

The Alliance is a voluntary organisation at every level of our activities, both public and behind the scenes. Our members are motivated to serve those who enter our doors through talks that reveal the many levels of Spirit philosophy, communication with discarnate Spirits through demonstrations of mediumship, Spiritualist healing for body, mind and soul, and our specialist Library offers plenty of scope for study and research. We also have a Spiritualist Volunteer Service wherein our members are visited in their homes or hospitals when in need.

At the end of our meetings, the social hour over a cup of tea is a time when we can renew friendships, make new ones and connect with like minded people. In a friendly environment newcomers are personally welcomed and are assisted according to their interest.

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Our Purpose

The Alliance presents Spiritualism in its broadest universal sense, based on the Seven Principles. These spirit-inspired Principles came through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten, at the end of the 19th century. [Emma was one of Spiritualism’s greatest pioneers.] The Principles are the inspiration behind our mission statement which, briefly, is to promote our philosophy on the basis of the Seven Principles and to provide, through mediumship, evidence of life after death, or as we prefer to say, life after life.


Our rostrum (note the spirit orb near the top of the curtain)

The Seven Principles are not presented as a confession of faith, or as an authority, or even as a standard to which assent is required. They supply a common basis of beliefs on which Spiritualists can unite as members and friends of The Spiritualist Alliance.

'Our allegiance is not to a Creed, not to a Book, not to a Church
but to the Great Spirit of Life and His eternal, natural laws.'
- Silver Birch

The Seven Principles

1) The Universal Fatherhood of God - (Essence of Life)

Belief in the existence of an Infinite and Evolving Universal Intelligence commonly called God.

This manifests by and through Natural Law, the highest of which is Love. However, whilst these laws can be set in motion they cannot be changed. Spiritualists do not attempt to define God for any definition implies limitations and of course, one is unable to limit the illimitable or define the indefinable.

2) The Universal Brotherhood of Man - (Unity of Life)

That all humankind is incarnations of the Universal Intelligence and that the innermost spirit of each one is essentially divine. In this respect, humankind is created equal. Indeed, the Principle cuts at the root of all inequalities of opportunity. Universal Brotherhood can be achieved and made a living reality by means of mediumship that can link us in co-operation with those in spirit to such a realisation.

3) The Communion of Spirit and the Ministry of Angels - (Possibility of Contact)

The term angel was used at a time when orthodoxy still had a huge impact on the masses and most still think of it as a divine messenger straight from heaven with wings. However, in this third Principle it means a ministering spirit. Therefore we feel that it should read The Communion and Communication with Ministering [meaning more illumined) Spirits; this is a living experience that has a profound influence upon the life of an individual whether incarnate or discarnate. By means of spirit guidance, humankind is helped along the road of life to happier states of existence. Spiritualism will in time become the unifying force that will eventually bind humankind into one large harmonious family.

4) The Survival of Bodily Death and the Continuous Existence of the Human Soul - (Spirit of Life Continues)

The Acceptance of survival and communication through demonstrated mediumship opens up a new perspective of Life. When human beings have completed their span on this earth, they gravitate to another dimension, another plane of existence or vibration. In so doing they take their all of their character and memory with them and resume their life in the spirit world exactly where they left off in this earth world. Spiritualism stands for knowledge and its beliefs are based only on what is evidentially established.

5) Personal Responsibility - (Obligation of Life)

In this Principle we find the contradiction most developed between orthodox religion and the teachings of Spiritualism, meaning that one cannot accept that one can look to someone else to bear one's sins or mistakes or omissions and suffer, on one's behalf for them. Accordingly, Spiritualists repudiate 'scapegoat' practices and state that each individual is his or her own saviour and administrator. During its incarnation on earth Humankind experiences the inescapable Natural Law of Cause and Effect in both conscience and conception of right and wrong. This law follows us into the spirit world and again, inescapably it automatically adjusts all relationships good and or bad.

6) Compensation and Retribution, here or hereafter, for all the Good and Evil deeds done on earth - (Incentive to do well)

Rightly, the one follows the other here and therefore placed after 5 at number 6. This is because each individual reaps exactly what one sows and on transition one will naturally find oneself at the place in spirit that is in harmony with one, meaning one's level of spirituality. However, there is no vindictive punishment in the after-life. The development of character means the development of spiritual powers. Therefore, as right thought leads to right action the result is that it automatically dispels the illusion created by one's misuse of one's life's opportunities on earth. Character and service to others is the passport to advancement to another spiritual level both here and hereafter and this can be eternally pursued if one wishes it and works at it.

7) Eternal Progress, open to every Human Soul - (Progression Assured)

Accordingly, the pathway of progress is never closed and there is no known end either to the advancement of the individual. Notwithstanding, without such an existence and the option to progress, personal endeavour would be robbed of its purpose. After all, to even contemplate the belief that all we create is eventually destroyed is to give life the appearance of ultimate uselessness.

Those who accept and endeavour to live by the principles of Spiritualism are more enabled to contemplate and understand. Unafraid of the inevitable closure of this part of their existence they will enter the next state of being well prepared for what awaits them. They will know where they are, who they are and what is expected of them. They will face their future after 'death' with confidence. This will have come through the knowledge brought by those who have gone before and who tell us that they now experience a larger, noble, fuller life, to which 'death' is but the entrance.

Promotion of the above Charter and Seven Principles is created through regular Sunday meetings. There are also variable mid-week programmes, which include public meetings comprising talks, demonstrations of spirit communication, questions and answers, workshops etc. Closed meetings pertaining to the development of psychic and mediumistic talents are conducted from time to time; details of these meetings are available upon request.