Spiritualist Healing

Some Historical Facts

An in-depth study of both Ancient and Modern methods of healing reveals that the ministry of Spiritualist Healing is fundamental to the understanding, belief and practice of Spiritualism.

At one time Spiritualist Healing was practised in all Christian communities and their worship meetings. However, this was banned at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, as was, among other prohibitions, the belief in reincarnation and other mediumistic practices. Severe persecution followed any further perceived practices of these. Accordingly these, comparatively speaking, quickly fell away from public use, though it is written that folk still secretly practiced them in private.

It was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that through the Light of Spiritual Revelation, Modern Spiritualism came into being and flourished. Soon, Spiritual Healing, along with all of the other mediumistic talents [gifts] pouring forth from what is now termed The Spirit World, was resurrected and has continued [and will surely continue to do so] since.

About the middle of the 20th century, mainstream Christianity began taking an interest in Spiritual Healing again, resulting in that religion focusing once again on healing—but only through the name of Jesus. Notwithstanding that they still did not and do not present it in the way as taught by the Spirit World Teachers both Spiritualism and those Christian religions that now include Spiritual Healing in their ministry are agreed that the source of all Healing is in essence, from what we term God ‘and know no more…’

Spiritualism though, in its teachings gives cognizance to the integral role played by The Great Creator’s healing ministers in Spirit that work with and through human channels here on earth. Consequently, the attunement with the Spirit Helpers involved and indeed, the Spirit World as a whole is achieved and consistently maintained, resulting in the often displayed degree of the efficacy of Spiritualist healing.

It follows therefore that Spiritualist
Healing practitioners travel a constant path of
spiritual unfoldment and service.

What is a Spiritualist Healing Practitioner?

All Spiritualist Healing, whether carried out by the laying on of hands, distant intercession, or magnetic ‘touch’, begins with the Healing Practitioner. His or her session or even in the case of a group, will begin with a short prayer to their god to allow their Doorkeeper to ‘open their door’ and, via their Spirit Helpers, allow the healing power to be directed to specific person[s] or animals, usually known to them only by their name. [Many Healing Practitioners may be unaware of their Doorkeeper and will simply direct their prayer to their god.] In the event, those Spirit World healing ministers who work in this field will still ‘pick up’ or intercept any and all healing requests, whether from Doorkeepers or not.

All Spiritualist Healing is governed by Natural Law. Therefore, when interceding, the Healing Practitioner referred to as such because they themselves are not responsible for the healing power, they only act as intermediaries through which the healing power or energy is directed. They will ask that the healing be given [delivered] in accordance with the patient’s soul progression and at the most propitious time for the patient to receive it.

Healers are not omniscient and cannot know all about an individual’s life pattern, health conditions or their Karmic Law [an aspect of Natural Law] state. Their ability lies in their perfecting of their co-operation [attunement] with their Doorkeeper and Spirit Helpers thereby becoming channels or instruments. Notwithstanding, even if unaware of whom their spirit co-workers are, the healing power is never denied. It will be used in some way or another to effect the patient’s healing session, if not physically, then most assuredly, mentally and spiritually. However, Healing Practitioners can never guarantee to cure anyone. This is because the aforementioned prerequisites are in force and nobody can over-ride an individual’s spiritual progression.

What then is this healing power or energy?

The source is the Divine Cosmic-Life-Force—a vibration of love in the form of thought and prayer-power-positive. Remember, we are all spirit [spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body, therefore a simple way of thinking about healing is ‘from Spirit [the Divine Source] - through Spirit [the Healing Practitioner] - to Spirit [the patient[s]].

As such, there are absolutely no physical boundaries [distance] which can prevent absent healing from being effective. Natural Law governs, as it does many things, all healing which, in turn, is the vehicle through which the Divine Essence manifests at all levels of Creation, seen and unseen.

Therefore, our Spiritualist conviction is that
all healing is God-given and is of what we
can only term as being of Divine origin.